Mercedes-Benz REFORM 600 IC

Bus and coach

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On 28 September 2021, we presented the newest coach of the Mercedes-Benz REFORM bus range with standard floor. The bus, developed, designed and manufactured in-house, has a high domestic added value and will fill a niche in the Hungarian bus market.

The vehicle is 13,160 millimetres long, 2,550 millimetres wide and 3,456 millimetres high and is powered by a 260 kW Euro VI engine with 1,400 Nm of torque. The chassis is technically designed to incorporate the vehicle safety and driving stability systems familiar on Mercedes-Benz buses (e.g. lane departure warning, emergency brake assist, tyre pressure monitoring), as well as remote on-board diagnostic and control devices developed by the ITK Group, which provide operating and functional data for remote monitoring of the vehicle and real-time map information on the bus position. The first model is equipped with 55 seats, which can be extended to a maximum of 59 passenger seats.

The exterior design closely follows the design elements already familiar from the REFORM family, with a number of optimizations designed for long-distance use, such as the single swinging door opening outwards or the centrally closing luggage compartment, which opens parallel to the side of the bus for a more ergonomically practical design.

The interior has been carefully designed in a more beige colour scheme than previous REFORM family models, creating a homely feel. The seats and interior surfaces are characterised by the use of high-quality materials: the unique parquet-effect flooring combined with fully LED indirect cabin lighting and concealed ambient and night lighting create a very unique solution.

The high level of comfort is further enhanced by increased legroom, multiple USB sockets for charging phones, touch-screen LED lighting, reclining seatbacks, a wireless landing button and a Bustec TFT monitor that provides continuous information during the journey


Key product features

» Mercedes-Benz OC 500 RF 1930 self-propelled chassis

» anti-collision system

» Mercedes-Benz GO 250-8 PowerShift 8+1-speed automatic transmission

» Mercedes-Benz OM963 Euro VI, 260 kW / 1400 Nm engine

» up to 59 seats on request

» LDW lane departure warning system



600 IC front web

» comfort seats with reclining backrest in the rear row

» Full LED, indirect room lighting, indirect ambient lighting, indirect walkway lighting, hidden ambient and night lighting

» ergonomic driver’s seat with integrated warning system and massage function

» double glazing with thermal insulation

» in M3/III category delivered with T100 license


Data card

600 IC

Main Dimensions:

Lenght: 13 160 mm

Width: 2 550 mm

Height: 3 460 mm

Wheelbase: 7 100 mm

Front overhang: 2 670 mm

Rear overhang: 3 390 mm

Approach / Departure angle: 8 °

Step up height: 380 mm


Number of passengers:

Number of seats: 59 fő

Number of standee: 0 fő

Total: max. 59 fő


Chassis, powertrain:

Chassis: OC 500 RF 1930

Engine: OM 936; 260kW / 1400 Nm / Euro VI

Transmission: GO 250-8 automatizált; 8+R fokozatú

Electronically controlled max. speed: 100 km/h



in M3/III category delivered with T100 license