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The school bus

Mercedes-Benz Reform-S models


the future of child transport

The Mercedes-Benz REFORM-S midi bus range includes the school bus, the first model of which was launched in 2019. Environmental awareness, sustainability and safety are becoming increasingly important in road transport and thus also in public transport. We started developing and manufacturing the school bus to meet these societal expectations and the resulting domestic and international market needs. The vehicle, designed, developed and manufactured by Inter Traction Electrics Ltd, will bring the future of child transport thanks to its passenger safety features. The 7500 mm long minibus with a reinforced frame structure allows optimal transport of 18 passengers.

The IT background behind the technical content is entirely developed by the ITK group, which together with the school bus will become a complex transport system. The School Bus. Online is an innovative platform for transporting children with maximum safety.

Key product features

» specifically designed for transporting children

» fixed-back, textile-covered seats with three-point safety belts

» road sign recognition system

» driver identification and vigilance system


» all-round vision camera system

» active cruise control

» extensive, continuous information on the technical condition of the vehicle

» online real-time monitoring facility


Data card

-S School
Jo REFORM S SCHOOL jellegrajz

Main Dimensions:

Length: 7500 mm

Width: 1993 mm

Height: 2950 mm

Wheelbase: 4325 mm

Front overhang: 1021 mm

Rear overhang: 2154 mm

Approach / Departure angle: – 21 °, / – 11 °

Step up height: 330 mm


Number of passengers:

Total number of passengers (only seats)


Chassis, powertrain:

Base vehicle: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30

Engine: Mercedes-Benz OM 654
EURO VI-E, 125 kW

Transmission: GD8 ECO GEAR 360 manual /
9G – TRONIC PLUS automatic

Electronically controlled max. speed: 90 km/h

VanPartner 841x1184

Cégünk, az Inter Traction Electrics Kft. a Mercedes-Benz REFORM-S School busz bemutatója kapcsán sikeresen nyerte el a Mercedes-Benz “VanPartner” minősítését.

A minősítés értelmében cégcsoportunk jogosult arra, hogy Mercedes-Benz csillaggal rendelkező kishaszongépjárműveket tervezhessen és gyárthasson.

Azonban a minősítés sokkal többet jelent, mint a csillag használatát: az általunk gyártott kishaszongéphájművek a Mercedes-Benz termékcsalád esetén már megszokott kényelmi és biztonsági funkciókkal is rendelkeznek.

A minősítés elnyerését egy több hónapos, hosszú audit előzte meg.