Sustainable mobility

Liveable cities with liveable infrastructure

Inter Traction Electrics Ltd. pays special attention to the protection of the environment and sustainability. This is reflected in all its production activities and daily work processes. We place particular emphasis on developing and manufacturing vehicles that result in the lowest possible emissions in public transport.

The first step in this effort was the launch of an electric bus 10 years ago, an innovation of our own. We are very proud to have been one of the first to develop and use an alternative propulsion vehicle in Hungary.

Since then, innovation has continued, as we have started to prepare for the series production of alternative-powered buses, in addition to the continuous production of state-of-the-art diesel vehicles that meet the highest environmental standards

It is a great pleasure and honour for us that in February 2021 our company received the “Sustainable Debrecen” award, which is a worthy feedback of our efforts. The Municipality of Debrecen sees us as a partner in the development of an environmentally conscious approach and a sustainable future.