Vehicle design

The Mercedes-Benz REFORM bus range is the result of the hard work of our dedicated engineers. Thinking together, believing in creating something new, is a great source of drive and motivation for our employees. The result is a product range of which we can be justly proud. It is not only the technical, design, comfort and safety features, but also the environmentally friendly solutions added in the spirit of sustainable mobility that make each model in the Mercedes-Benz REFORM family special.

Our Mercedes-Benz REFORM 501 LE bus won the “Commercial Vehicle of the Year” award in 2019, and our Mercedes-Benz REFORM-S School bus offers revolutionary new possibilities for transporting children both domestically and internationally.

Mercedes-Benz REFORM buses are designed and developed with the specific needs of our partners in mind, to meet the challenges of today.

Vehicle development

We are bound by the name! In the development of the Mercedes-Benz REFORM bus range, we are constantly striving for innovation. We have many years of experience and knowledge, but the needs of our partners and passengers, as well as the continuous development of technology, encourage us to never stop! Every day, we work to ensure that our products combine the latest and most environmentally friendly technologies. We believe that technological advances and the potential of mobility can be harnessed in harmony with the natural values of humanity and the environment. As a consequence, and in response to the challenges of modern times, we have focused on preparing the production of fully electric buses.



Vehicle manufacturing

The Mercedes-Benz REFORM bus family, designed and developed by our own engineers, is based on the Mercedes-Benz diesel engine, which currently meets the highest national and international environmental standards. The complete body and the vehicle are designed by our specialists in the Debrecen factory. Our production processes are carried out under optimised conditions in line with the Industry 4.0 resolution, with a modern production culture and a strong emphasis on the digitalisation and robotisation of the various processes.