Mercedes-Benz REFORM-S Intercity

Intercity minibus


Comfortable between cities


The Mercedes-Benz REFORM-S Intercity intercity midibus has a length of 7367 mm and 15 seats for our passengers in the show model.  The minibus has an electric swing door at the front for easy boarding and alighting, and an electrically operated sliding door at the rear. The long-distance intercity model is equipped with high-comfort reclining passenger seats. The distance between the two seats can be widened towards the passenger compartment. The minibus is equipped with a roof ventilator that also functions as an emergency exit. The driver and passenger compartments are air-conditioned. The minibus is equipped with a 7-speed automatic gearbox to support the driver.


Key product features

» Body for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30 base vehicle

» up to 18 places on request

» raised backrest, reclining seats with long-range adjustment

» fully electric door system




Reform intercity

» adjustable seat spacing

» inter-urban, normal access design

» diesel engines that meet the highest national and international environmental standards

 » on-demand passenger counting system


Data card

-S Intercity
Intercity jellegrajz jo 1

Main Dimensions:

Lenght: 7367 mm

Width: 2020 mm

Height: 2950 mm

Wheelbase: 4325 mm

Front overhang: 1021 mm

Rear overhang: 2021 mm

Approach / Departure angle: 21 ° / 11 °

Step up height: 300 mm

Number of passengers

Number of seats: 18

Number of standee: 0

Total: 18

Base vehicle, powertrain:

Engine: OM 651 DE 22 LA, 120 kW

Transmission: 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic

Electronically controlled max. speed: 90 km/h