Mercedes-Benz REFORM-S Tourist & Tourist Exclusive

Minibus for special needs

Tourist DEAC fejkep

Sophisticated comfort and convenience


In July 2020, we handed over our first two Mercedes-Benz REFORM-S Tourist Exclusive models to DEAC, the Debrecen University Athletics Club, to transport athletes. The diesel-powered vans, which comply with the highest environmental guidelines, have been designed to reflect the image of the sports club. The minibus has 18 seats for passengers and is equipped with cruise control, reversing indicators, electrically operated sliding doors in the passenger compartment, LED lighting in the passenger compartment, luggage racks, air conditioning, black and yellow seats in line with the DEAC logo and a drinks cooler. The second model of the vehicle type, the Mercedes-Benz REFORM-S Tourist, will be ready for the summer of 2021, with similar technical parameters, also optimised for the transport of sportsmen and women. The model was handed over to the scouts of the Győri ETO handball club.


Key product features

»  Body for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30 base vehicle

» up to 18 seats on request

» raised back, reclining, long-distance seats





» electrically operated door equipment

» engine meeting the highest domestic and environmental standards

» optimised dual row LED system



Data card

-S Tourist &

Tourist Exclusive



Main Dimensions:

Lenght: 7367 mm

Width: 2020 mm

Height: 2950 mm

Wheelbase: 4325 mm

Front overhang: 1021 mm

Rear overhang: 2021 mm

Approach / Departure angle:  21 ° /  11 °

Step-up height: 300 mm

Number of passangers:

Number of seats: 18 fő

Number of standee: 0

Total: 18 fő

Base vehicle, powertrain:

Engine: OM 651 DE 22 LA, 120 kW

Transmission: 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic

Electronically controlled max. speed: 90 km/h