Company history


Inter Traction Electrics Ltd. is established as a subsidiary of ITK Holding Zrt., which supports the work of the Group as a vehicle design and manufacturing company



We open our first plant in Debrecen, in the Határ úti Industrial Park and start our integrator activities in transport


The country’s first all-electric bus, to be called the Coulomb bus, is ready


The National Transport Authority declares the Coulomb bus fit for traffic


We inaugurate the Inter Traction Electrics Ltd.’s 5,000 square metre Training, Development Centre and Experimental Plant in Debrecen and present our first bus developed in-house, the Mercedes-Benz REFORM 500 LE urban model


After obtaining the necessary type certificate, our company will start series production of the buses


Practical training starts at our Debrecen Education and Development Centre, after we signed a cooperation agreement with the Vocational Training Centres of Debrecen and Berettyóújfalu


Inter Traction Electrics Ltd., as an outsourced department of the University of Debrecen, starts training vehicle engineers and technicians, and participates in the dual training of engineering students



Our company continues its activities with a high-level professional investor, MOL Zrt.



Introducing the next in-house developed bus in the REFORM family, the Mercedes-Benz REFORM 501 LE suburban model


Introducing our newest bus model, the Mercedes-Benz REFORM-S School, a school bus developed and produced on the basis of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, which could bring the future of child transport



Inter Traction Electrics Ltd. wins the Camion Truck & Bus magazine’s “Commercial Vehicle of the Year” competition with its Mercedes-Benz REFORM 501 LE in the urban/suburban bus category


Within the framework of our infrastructural developments, the Debrecen plant will be expanded by 5000 m2 of production capacity


Introducing the Mercedes-Benz REFORM 600 IC bus, our own development and production of the long-distance bus