Our Main Challenge is to develop, produce, install and sale electrical power trains, electrical motors used in vehicles providing public transport either on road, rail or afloat.


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One of the premium products of INTER TRACTION ELECTRICS Kft. is the patented battery powered electrical propulsion, which represents the state of the art technology, since our specialist are continuously follow with attention the industrial progress in this branch.

By using of our electrical power train the injurant emission is reduced almost to zero. In this case the freight- and public transport will contribute to environment-oriented traffic inside of the cities. The additional benefit of the technology is, that with short development time we can adjust and install it into different vehicles, since the modules of system are variable and easy to fit.

Our company is already working on improvement of current electrical propulsion which will support the future vehicular and afloat transport, as well the public transport. According to expectation of industry we are certified and are working based on MSZ EN ISO 9001 quality system. In our company there are well experienced development engineers, test engineers and production team.

We believe that we can welcome you among our satisfied partners soon.


Nowadays millions of people are traveling day to day worldwide, which together with increasing population and progressive standard of living, are challenging not only the companies providing public transport, but also the specialists who are working hard to protect the health of our environment.

Notwithstanding that our company is committed path-finder of sustainable mobility and take an active part in day to day public transport, his moral obligation is also, to provide this service as much environmentally sound as he can.


Nowadays vehicles operated with traditional fuel are unavoidable yet. On the base of Diesel vehicles we are working together with worldwide leading companies.
Cooperating with them we are developing Euro 6 emission grade vehicles in different categories for domestic and Eastern European market. Our target is to pass this high quality system to such users where this was unreachable until now.


Next to the rock-oil based power trains, the vehicles operated on electrical principle, rated as almost 100% green technology, becomes more and more popular. From the inception of our company the key point is to develop environmental friendly power trains. Thanks to this commitment we owns the first such electrical bus in Hungary which got valid type approval.


More over our group has some other patented drive trains developed for different purposes. Keeping in mind the sustainable mobility our specialist are continually improve our systems and apply the up to date solutions available by technological state of development. Taking these solutions to your service we contribute to safe life of our next generation.

Take into consideration the demand of our customers, we can say, that we are not only dealing with product development, but we also offer overall package to our partners, like: FINANCING – TOOL – SERVICE – WARRANTY